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So, my dear journal reader(s), if you wish to ask me for a drabble, simply post a prompt as well as a character/paring in the comment section and I shall endeavor to fill it to the best of my ability.

You can check my tags or my FFN for a list of (a small portion of) my fandoms, if you're unsure about what I follow. [A hint: everything.]

Mostly for fun, and I need more writing practice.
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Title: Love and Light and Vision.
Author: Miles
Rating: PG-13
Parings: Rose/Dave(/Jade/John), developing OT4.
Summary: Rose and Dave with three years and counting, falling in love but not just with each other, and what does she really know about how the world works, anyway.
Notes: I wasn't sure if I was too happy with the way this had turned out at first, but it's grown on my a lot. Sad kids with PTSD and emotional issues. Link goes to my AO3.

( There is something dying with each other that changes everything.
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And then I wrote a fic inspired by this headcanon. Oops. Link goes to my AO3.

Title: Light to Thy Path
Authour: Miles
Rating: PG-13+
Parings: Gen, Rose/Dave.
Summary: Rose as she waits for Roxy and a meteor that will never come, dreaming and acting accordingly.

( Your book tells stories of fairy tale wizards and unwinnable games and how even those can be beaten. )
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Title: Everything Real in My Life
Author: Miles
Fandom: Homestuck
Words: ~1150
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What it means to remember and forget. John Crocker through the years. Post scratch.
Notes: Gah, I tried to keep everything to the dates, but, um, let's pretend Con Air came out a few moths earlier? Title from 'How Do I Live Without You'.

Because sometimes you don't have to play to win )
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Title: only the game
Author: Miles 
Fandom: Whistle!
Rating: G
Words: 614
Dynamics: Shigeki->Tatsuya/Shou
Summary: Soccer, summer days, and the way they look at each other across the field. Shigeki watches them run.

And he's already broken enough hearts to build a soccer team )
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Title: Such That We May Greet Each Other Once Again
Author: Miles 
Fandom: NO.6
Paring: Shion/Nezumi
Rating: PG
Words: 544
Summary: Language is the source of misunderstandings. Shion, Nezumi, and a kiss under the setting sun.
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] epicsoup. A happily ever after where Nezumi comes back. The title pertains to farewells.

It has been weeks and Shion can't forget. )
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Title: There Is No Carnival Left
Author: Miles 
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Chrome, Kyoko
Rating: PG-13
Words: 372
Summary: The devil can cite scripture for his purpose. Chrome and where she stands now, in Kyoko's arms. What is she if not needed.
Notes: For Tarot. Because I fail at creepy things. Set in a world after Mukuro leaves Chrome.

Chrome lets her skirt fall )
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Title: That we might have roses in December
Author: Miles 
Fandom: Noblesse
Paring: onesided Yuna/M-21
Words: 369
Rating: PG
Summary: It is only because of our problems that we are able to grow. Yuna and her memories, as they come like dreams.

She remembers closing her eyes. )
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Title: A Moment (Standing Forever Still)
Author: Miles
Fandom: Nurarihyon no Mago
Rating: PG
Words: 387
Genre: Gen
Summary: Eternity exists but within our minds. Seimei and his mother, before the end begins.
Notes: For [ profile] pen_over_fist . Again, sorry this is really short. No Japanese terms in here because I just really don't like the mix. Kuzunoha is the name of Abe no Seimei's mother historically. There is also a bit of allusion to her folklore which can be explained through this wikipedia article. The title is based off a quote by James Montgomery. Do enjoy~

He speaks to her of Infinity. )


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Title: Semper Fidelis
Author: Miles
Fandom: Whistle!
Rating: PG
Words: 925
Summary: Masaki through the years, looking for a place to belong. Slight onesided Masaki/Tsubasa.
Notes: For [ profile] pen_over_fist. Sorry it's so short.

This is all he ever really wanted. )
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Title: Only With The Heart
Author: Miles 
Rating: PG-13
Words: 2700
Parings: Bianchi/Gokudera (past Bianchi/Reborn, Bianchi/Romeo)
Warnings: Incest
Summary: Amor tutti fa ugualli. Bianchi and all her love.
Notes: Written for [ profile] pen_over_fist and based on her prompt for the [ profile] yuri_exchange , with many differences. Please excuse any inconsistencies in Bianchi's character as I have never written her before. Title from the quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Changing anything less simply wouldn't mean as much as this. )
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Title: Some Other Beginning's End.
Author: Miles 
Rating: PG
Paring: Gen.
Warnings: Transgender themes, Underage smoking, Vague writing.
Summary: We create ourselves, not out of words or stones, but from the dreams of tomorrow and the truth in our lies. Gokudera and a trip into the future to find himself now. FTM!Gokudera.
Notes: Gah, transfic. I'll put this on the list of things I don't write enough of. Sorry for out of character Gokudera, i haven't written him in ages.

He's not sure that home is a place anymore )
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Title of Work: Nitimur in Vetitum, Semper
Author: Miles
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: affairs, sex, drinking, experimental characterization, Dino as a plot device, comma abuse.
Dynamics: Haru/Kyoko, background Dino/Kyoko, prior Haru/OMC
Chosen Prompt: 'Haru/Kyoko, a mafia boss' wife'
Summary: We always strive for the forbidden. Haru, a wedding, and the fall of the world which happens before and after.
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] ryuutchi  in my [ profile] yuri_exchange . Of the two pieces I did, this is the one I vastly prefer. I love this thing~

Haru dances like a flea on a metal bridge. )
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Title: Nobless Oblige (or, I Knew That the Lights of the City Were Too Heavy For Me)
Author: Miles
Paring: Kyoko/Haru
Rating: R
Words: ~2500
Warnings: Violence, Disfunctional relationships, Experimental characterization, Torture, confusing flashbacks, writing style discrepancies.
Prompt: "Haru/Kyoko - Cake, co-dependency, and guns. Kyoko and Haru realise as time goes by that they are each other's most complete support in the Vongola. I'd like it if they were kind of or literally married by TYL."
Summary: It takes two to make an accident. Haru, Kyoko, Running away and Losing themselves only to find each other. A Love Story. Alternate continuity.
Notes: Originally written for my[ profile] yuri_exchange as [ profile] demoerin 's gift. Flashback sections are in italics. 


Kyoko thinks it could not have gone any other way. )


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